A Journal Prompt for Self Love

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The month of February

is a great time to reignite your self-love practices simply because it’s hard to ignore the red hearts and promotion about love everywhere you turn. At Activated Wellness, we lean on cultural and societal holidays and festivities to help us stay connected to our community but we look for deeper meaning within these celebrations. It gives us more of a foundation on which to place our beliefs rather than just doing things arbitrarily or because we are following the herd. 

So every February, instead of focusing on Valentine’s Day, sugar, and spending money, we focus on self-love. 

Self-love can be hard for some people. We are our own harshest critics. Whether its about your looks, body, skills, unique attributes, no one nit-picks like we do on ourselves! And the bad part about that? It’s not good for your health, your work, or your relationships! 

The other tricky thing about self-love is that actually requires practice. Just like we carve out time for the gym, preparing meals, helping others, loving yourself also requires time and commitment. Self-love is like a muscle that needs to be conditioned. Through consciously practicing self-love, you will unconsciously begin to be kinder to yourself, offering yourself more grace and gratitude, and truly look at yourself and feel like, “Wow, I’m beautiful!” It’s a great feeling when you can arrive at that feeling!

One of my favorite practices to train my self-love muscles is to journal about myself. I know, it can seem vain. That’s the problem…it’s not. We’ve just been programmed to think that loving ourselves is selfish and conceited. It’s totally not!  That’s why Well-Being really requires work! There’s so much to unlearn and relearn! But in my opinion, that’s the best part! 

Try this Journal Practice to start getting to know yourself better and loving yourself a little better…

Self-Love Journal Practice

  1. Light some candles, buy yourself some flowers, or pull out your favorite crystal. Vibes are important when you are creating a container to do a ritual or practice. It sets the mood, helps you get grounded and keeps you present. 
  2. Pour yourself a calming and aromatic tea + add two full droppers of our Recover drops.
  3. Journal about your three favorite things about yourself. But don’t stop there! Elaborate! Why do you love it? How long have you been aware of this unique quality of yours?
  4. Blow out the candle to signal that the practice is over. Now it’s time to apply, or integrate, this practice into your every day life.

We hope that this helps you create a stronger and more loving relationship with yourself. It doesn’t need to be a special month or holiday to do practices like this. Do them when you feel you’re losing your spark or when you’re being tough on yourself. Remember that you can only love other as well as you love yourself!

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